Gear Software Update and Three New Gear Models!

Galaxy Gear Updating

Galaxy Gear System UpdateEarlier this week Samsung pushed a major update for both the Gear and Gear Manager.  My Gear was updated from V700XXUAMK7 to V700XXUBNA6 (See: Settings-->Gear info-->About Gear).  The update has resulted in another significant improvement in battery life - four whole days between charges seems to be the norm now, though I like to cha

Vietnam Retail Blunder Reveals Nokia Droid

A blunder by a Vietnamese retailer has given a glimpse of Nokia's very first Android phone expected to be announced at Mobile World Congress running February 24th-27th in Barcelona, Spain.  Although the premature page reveal was rapidly taken down, the published details largely confirm rumours that have been circulating for some while.  The phone was originally internally code named the Nokia Normandy.  That's a name which could cunningly allude to the Normandy beachhead established by the Allies in World War 2, forming a first venture on enemy shores!

Galaxy Gear 2 Almost Ready

The rumour-mill indicates that the Gear 2 will be announced at the Mobile World Congress running February 24th - 27th in Barcelona, Spain.  Most of the rumours center around an OLED screen.  This could indicate that the screen may go some ways towards the wrap-around presentation, a feature of many concept devices.  For existing users an abandoning of the quality stainless steel case and "real watch" look would be a disappointment though.

Getting into Gear - Sideloading

Using the Gear's USB interface to transfer programs and data.
This week's article is about "hacking into" your Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. Here we'll get as far as the watches' command prompt, and listing files. In subsequent articles we will take this first step to other levels, as we stretch our knowledge of this amazing little device. Future articles will include transferring data files, and in particular installing those Android application packages that Samsung "forgot to include" in the Gear's app store. We will explore the strengths and limits of the device, and even write our own programs!

First Toe in the Water

First time on wrist for my Galaxy Gear.

Smart-watches seem to have taken an age to emerge. This is understandable given degree of engineering needed to pack real functionality onto your wrist, but for a gadgetteer it's been frustrating. ;) I agonised over numerous large Chinese watch-phones. But it wasn't the lack of cool which deterred me; some actually looked quite decent, and maybe even useful - up to a point!

As a serial 'droid' owner the choice ultimately came down to the Sony Smartwatch 2 or the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

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